Our Customers:

We aim to give our customer good quality Products for customer satisfaction. The company is utilizing all its energies, manpower and technology towards developing superior quality Products. In order to serve the interest and meet the requirement of our customers , we endeavor to the best of our abilities to improve our existing line and also introduce new products.

Our Employees:

We at VELOCEGEAR ensure to give employees the benefits they value, so that they could put maximum love while manufacturing a product to give the highest quality.

Our Products:

We are dealing in the following products:

  • Leather Jackets
  • Motorbike Gears (Leather Jacket & Suits)
  • Motocross Gear (MX Wear)

Our Core Values:

Customer Oriented


Our manufacturing facilities are equipped with the most modern machinery to attain the highest perfection so that we can provide consistent quality.

Quality Assurance

We understand the importance of quality in the manufacturing process as we strongly believe that Quality is never an accident it’s always the result of continuous intelligent effort, That’s why we maintain a total quality improvement process in manufacturing throughout our company. Processes in the manufacturing and throughout the company are continually reviewed through our total quality management process under the Supervision of highly trained Quality Control Dept, not only to maximize productivity, but also to guarantee that products and services meet the highest standards. As a result we are attaching with, ISO-9001, CE-Mark for our products.


we ensure the fulfillment of required commitment in our business practices in terms of order timelines, quality, customization and after sale customer service.


Our manufacturing facilities are equipped with the most modern machinery to attain the highest perfection of quality. We diversify our business scope by developing new manufacturing lines to meet market needs. Capitalizing on our expertise and professionalism, we have positioned ourselves as innovative instrument manufacturers with superb manufacturing abilities and facilities.

Corporate Ethical & Business Practices

  • VELOCEGEAR ensures the implementation of Equal Opportunity Employer Policy.
  • Compliance of Compensatory requirements are being ensured.
  • We strictly Prohibited the Child Labor in our company.


* Where we deliver to and how

We deliver at all stated region. For some remote locations which were are not stated in our list at website, customer can contact us and negotiate shipping charges and other terms & condition.

We work with several parcel/courier delivery companies to ensure your goods get to you reliably and efficiently. Each delivery charge applies to the whole order. For every additional item order customer can negotiate the shipping cost.

* How long your delivery will take

Our handling time is 3 working days (subject to payment completion confirmation) . After successful processing of order, we deliver the parcel with 5 to 10 working day. In aggregate total lead time will be 8 working days (5 + 3) to 13 working days(10 + 3).


We accept:

PayPal, Direct Bank Transfer (here logo of PayPal and other bank cards logo to be attached)


  • After receiving the item, customer can contact us within 2 weeks days.
  • We provide MONEY BACK GUARANTEE for the items purchased. If items was not delivered as described customer can require us to replace the item or to get his money back within 15 Days.
  • Returns shipping will be paid by the customer.

Order Tracing:

After Dispatch we provide the tracking number to the customer within 24 hour, so that customer can trace the order without any inconvenience.

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